COVID 19 Information

The COVID 19 pandemic is changing the way we live and work in ways that we could not have conceived just a few months ago. We continue to monitor relevant goverment websites and health alerts for the latest information on social distancing, restrictions on public gatherings and their possible effects on planned ceremonies. It is recommend that you regularly check the Australian Government's COVID 19 Heath Alert and the NSW Government's Health Alert for the current status of the pandemic, gathering restrictions and social distancing requirements.

Beyond Celebrancy® is committed to protecting everyone's health with minimal disruption to our services and your cermonies. All channels of communication remain open including phone, SMS, email and video conferencing. We will soon be in contact with all of our customers with ceremonies planned for the next six months to discuss options and contingency plans. Below is some further information you may find helpful, as well as some information on how we minimise the risk to all of our wonderful Beyonders.

Your Options

Going Ahead

If your ceremony meets the Government's criteria for allowing a social gathering, we will continue to deliver your ceremony as planned. We recommend that you consider your overall requirements and safety.

Some things to consider:

  • Last minute changes to health warnings may impact your ceremony
  • Social distancing can be hard at emotional events such as weddings
  • Some of your guests may feel uncomfortable attending
  • Some venues may have more restrictions than others
  • You may be forced into self separation as late as immediately before the ceremony
  • You can choose to postpone even on the day of your ceremony without additional charges. See the section on postponing for more information

Postponing to a later date

We envisage that many events including weddings will need to be postponed until the pandemic conditions ease.

Some things to consider when postponing to a later date:

  • We have never charged additional fees for postponing ceremonies
  • You may postpone your wedding now with no future date planned
  • When planning future dates, we strongly recommend that you confirm your new date with us before you commit with other vendors, especially venues, to ensure availability
  • If you commit to a date on which we are not available, or a venue that is beyond our travel range without first consulting us, normal cancellation policies and fees may apply
  • It may be possible to complete a legals only ceremony and to have your larger celebration of marriage ceremony at a later date

Our Promise

What happens if Beyond Celebrancy® is unable to attend?

As the current situation evolves, the Australian Government may enact restrictions that make it impossible for us to attend, such as a complete lock down of the area. In this case, it is most likely that your ceremony will not go ahead and we will need to postpone.

It is also possible that people here at Beyond Celebrancy® could be required to self separate, enter quarantine, or even become sick. A major part of our promise to you has always been that we have plans in place to deal with the unexpected.

Some relevant features of these plans include:

  • Alternate Celebrant Availability - we maintain a strong professional network that includes other local celebrants so we can quickly find an alternate celebrant where possible.
  • Price Guarantee - we hire the alternate celebrant at no additional cost to you.
  • Electronic documentation - all documentation including scanned copies of physical documents is stored in encrypted digital files. This ensures the safety of the information, while still allowing easy transfer to another celebrant should it be necessary.

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